Unofficial stats page for Bloody Elbow Presents' Care / Don't Care Podcast

Care / Don't Care Event Results

Care / Don't Care Rankings

C/DC Scorecard Terminology

Care - A host caring (for whatever reason) for a fight. A care requires a pick of one of the two fighters.

Don't - A host not caring (for whatever reason) for a fight.

Care Score - Percentage of fights on a card a host has cares for, calculation - Cares / (Cares + Don'ts).

Right - A correct pick of winning fighter.

Wrong - An incorrect pick of winning fighter.

Plus / Minus - Sum of rights and wrongs, calculation - Rights - Wrongs. Pick percentage is included in brackets along with the Plus / Minus, calculation - Rights / (Rights + Wrong).
NOTE: Fights that end without a declared winner or are turned over do not account as a plus or a minus.

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